We partnered with Stu and Virtual View Productions to create ARiVR, a tool for brand placement in virtual realities.

Arivr — who are they?

ARiVR is a partnership between Virtual View Productions and Rocketmakers that allows for passive marketing in virtual reality environments through product placement. We designed and built the 3D environments as well as an interface for populating the environments with 3D models of real life products and advertising media.


augmented reality



microsoft hololens

virtual reality

web development

Rocketmakers have been an excellent partner in bringing the concept of ARiVR to life and helping to take it from prototype to an eventual product. Through their mix of technical skillsets and approach to design, Rocketmakers allows me to focus on content to complete the product user cycle.

Stuart Gallop

Product Partner

For ARiVR I've built a Unity plugin and a web interface which allows game developers to have their worlds populated with 3rd party content.

Adam Walker

Full Stack Developer

Watch the video above for more on Arivr