We built an AR experience powered by Unity and Microsoft Hololens for deeper mechanical analysis into Team Bath Racing's F1 car interior components.

what we did

3d modeling

augmented reality

microsoft hololens

Who are they?

Each year Team Bath Racing builds a single seat race car from scratch to compete with 630 universities in the worldwide event Formula Student. As part of the design process, the team creates a 3D blueprint of the car it wants its engineers to construct. We took this 3D model and developed it into an augmented reality space, where a Microsoft Hololens user could then interact with the car. Using the Hololens, users can select different race car components to analyse aerodynamics, crash impact, manufacturing materials, and structural connections.

Rocketmakers incorporated our 3D model into a mixed reality platform so that our visualisation capabilities have exceeded anything that we've done before.

Franco Botes Team Bath Racing Engineer

Rocketmakets introduced us to the Microsoft Hololens which allows us to bring interactive animations and holograms into a real world environment. It's going to be invaluable to all our designs.

Sam Bunday Engineer

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