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10 reasons why Rocketmakers is a great place to work

7th Oct 2020
Rocketmakers Team

Hi, I’m Izzie, a digital intern at Rocketmakers.

For the last three months, I’ve been working (from home) as part of the Rocketmakers marketing team. My role has involved completing market research, creating social media collateral and writing blog posts - like this one! I’ve found the role engaging and challenging and really enjoyed working as part of the Rocketmakers team. But don’t just take my word for it, here are 10 reasons why Rocketmakers is a great place to work.

  1. Rocketmakers have a unique corporate structure, they have no real job titles or middle management so office politics are kept to a minimum.
  2. You can work when you’re at your best with flexible start and finish times and core hours so there's still enough time to feel like a team.
  3. Take annual leave anytime you need it with unlimited holiday days.
  4. Regardless of gender or how you’ve come to be a parent, Rocketmakers provide equal parental leave.
  5. Team members are always starting new employee-run activities, from a remote gaming night to running club or masterchef classes.
  6. Rocketmakers actively care about the wellbeing of their team member’s with a specific slack channel to provide support and quarterly reviews of their Mental Health policy.
  7. The super cool Rocketmakers offices are located 30 seconds from Bath Spa train station so easily commutable. Plus everyone has access to a sit-stand desk to work at as well as communal work stations.
  8. All new team members receive a top of the range brand new Macbook.
  9. In recognition of their great company culture, Rocketmakers were named the Best Place to Work in Bath at the 2018 Bath Business Awards.
  10. And there are some perks that will matter more we're back in the office: If you need to wait in for a delivery, have a dentist appointment or a last minute emergency, it’s no problem to work from home if needed. And as a final hoorah, everyone in the office receives free brunch on Fridays (Whole Bagel in Bath is a current firm favourite.)

Rocketmakers has an 'always open' recruitment approach and we have some exciting new projects coming on line at the moment so if you would like to apply, find out more here:

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