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Improve a Digital Product

Do you have an existing digital product which is not fit for scaling? Or, do you need to undergo a digital transformation to facilitate business growth?

Below are some common problems faced by our clients. If any of these resonate with you, we can help.

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If your software isn't scaling to accommodate growth

Perhaps you've grown from a start up into a scale up. Congratulations! However your software is no longer fit for purpose. It needs updating, improving and needs to be built for growth and for the future.

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If your software isn't versatile enough

Perhaps your software can't adapt to new markets, or it isn't versatile enough to adapt to changing business objectives. Our approach to implementation will set it up for success.

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If you have design or tech debt

We put design first. We utilise consistent design language and implementation across every application. We build scalable, secure tech that is designed to support you into the future.

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If you had a falling out with an existing tech partner

Not only does most of our business come from referrals, we have also been working with some clients for over 14 years. We also have experience taking on projects from failed technical partners.

Rocketmakers Digital Transformation eBook

Digital Transformation simply means making your business better, usually through technology, and every business can be improved.

In our eBook we look at five of the most common signs that you would benefit from Digital Transformation. We explore problems with:

  • Customer experience
  • Employee efficiency
  • Security or frequent downtime
  • Costs
  • Growing pains
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Featured Project

This is just one of the scale up projects we have worked on.

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Travel Local connects expert communities

We created a bespoke travel application incorporating local expert communities for Travel Local.

We also do consultancy for:

  • Technology due diligence for future investment or sale
  • Reviewing and reducing the cost of ownership of cloud infrastructure
  • Board-level technology support and planning

If you're looking for a software development company to help you undergo a digital transformation, or with help scaling up, please get in touch