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What do we mean by ‘Digital Product’?

By Briony Phillips
1st Jul 2024
3 min read
laptop and desktop computers

As a software agency, we often talk about our passion for ‘solving complex problems with scalable software’ and ‘building digital products.’ But what exactly are the digital product options if you’re thinking about solving a particular problem with software?

Digital products can be duplicated and distributed without a need for physical production or shipping, making them easily scalable and accessible globally. 

At Rocketmakers, we have experience with lots of different types of digital products. These include apps, platforms, websites, and much more. Read on to discover some examples:

Apps (self-contained software package that allows users to perform specific tasks on a mobile or desktop device) like Rocketmakers-built app Biscuit which became the #1 app on both Google Play & the Apple App Store in the Health & Fitness category in December 2022.  

We built an app for Leukaemia Care to help people discover and collect unicorns during Summer 2023 Unicornfest, and we created and maintained the award-winning app for Pure Planet (a sustainable energy company that is sadly no longer trading). 

Platforms are software solutions that power business models that use online infrastructure to facilitate interactions between groups. We’ve built various platforms over the years including the admin portal for Office Pantry, Lux Rewards (premium rewards scheme for hospitality, B2C retail, and B2B companies, powered by card-linking technology), and ShareGov (automates the professional flow of information from executives to shareholders).

Websites like Tech for Good Bristol and Bath which helps to showcase the companies using technology to deliver positive impact in the region.

Virtual learning environments and learning management systems like Performance Pathway Hub (built a new learning portal backed by a bespoke, “headless” content management system for UK Sport to manage their extensive content library).

Content Management Systems like Beam (a content platform that frees creators to transform 3D experiences anytime, instantly) and UK Sports Institute for whom we created a medical fitness tracking app and associated, highly secure content management system to optimise athlete training. 

Microservices which are core services built by Rocketmakers to accelerate customer projects - these include notifications, authentication, file uploads and much more.

If you’d like to talk to us about building a digital product or a software solution for your business or project, please get in touch via