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How Rocketmakers went from customer to client with Gibraltar Software

By Ned Vaught
1st Dec 2017

Gibraltar: Working with Rocketmakers from Rocketmakers on Vimeo.

It takes a special kind of customer where, when they provide you with feedback on your product, it convinces you they should be helping you make the next version of that product. Especially when that customer is in another country. Yet that’s exactly what happened when Rocketmakers became a customer of Gibraltar Software.

A development team’s development team

As Kendal Miller, CEO of US-based Gibraltar Software explains: “We produce software for software developers and Rocketmakers were using one of our applications in their own software development. They gave us some really great feedback on what was good and what wasn’t so good.

“The more we interacted with them, the more we appreciated their design sensibilities. And when the time came for us to design our second-generation application, we knew that we wanted to partner up with them to do it.”

This was several years ago now, and Kendal has used Rocketmakers several times since. This is despite being based 3,500 miles away and them being located in time zones 5 hours apart. However, Kendal doesn’t see the time difference between Maryland and Bath as a problem. In fact, it quickly became a benefit.

“We’ve found that we can accelerate development times by taking advantage of the time zones between us.”

Kendal explains: “We’ve found that we can accelerate development times, by taking advantage of the time zones between us. We can give Rocketmakers our results at the end of each day, and they then have an opportunity to work through it before their lunch time.” This means the work is done and ready for Gibraltar when they are starting their day in the US: “It’s turned out to be a really effective way for us to work.”

Collaboration is key

He is also impressed by Rocketmakers’ ability to collaborate and even question what they are being asked to deliver, something that is rare in a client-customer relationship: “When we started to push for certain features based on initial data, they were actually strong enough to say, ‘Well, let’s hold off on those things for now, that’s going to be more complicated than we think it needs to be. Let’s do this, and if that’s not right, we can always come back and address it quickly.

“And they’ve been true to that, and that collaboration has been key to our partnership.”

Kendal also has other reasons why Gibraltar Software keeps coming back to Rocketmakers: “We have found that they are very affordable to work with and they are committed to getting those results done in the time you need it done.”

He adds: “Rocketmakers is very focused on delivering the result you’re asking for. It’s not about billing hours or about fitting a certain contract, it’s about ‘You’ve asked us to solve a specific problem and we’re as committed to solving that problem as you are’.”

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