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Celebrating International Lego Day!

By Briony Phillips
15th Mar 2022
1 min read

Back in February, it was International Lego Day and we celebrated all week! We rented 140 litres of lego and challenged everyone in the Rocketmakers crew to create a sculpture to represent our culture and values in Lego. The Rocketmakers office was bursting with creativity and innovation whilst everyone put their best engineering skills to the test.

Check out a selection of the crew’s most unique sculptures below.

Name: Julieann

Title: Evolution

Description: We build upon an idea and we are always improving. We never stand still!

Name: John

Title: We take making rockets to the next level

Description: Z - Index Inspired, Sculpture of our logo rocket taking flight.

Name: Felix

Title: The Open Door

Description: Twenty-five enter, the tiny organ playing, was it all worth it?

Name: James

Title: George

Description: Great King of Droaam, wielder of the gnome-slayer, defier of death.

Name: Matt

Title: The bridge to sustainable success

Description: Supporting our clients and our team to achieve success sustainably.

Name: Frank

Title: Donut

Description: The donut sums up Rocketmakers culture, becoming friends, not just colleagues.

Name: Lynsey

Title: Water you going to ship?

Description: The Rocketmakers' crew work together, support each other, and learn continuously just like the crew of a ship on a grand voyage.

Name: Richard

Title: L'avenir est vert! Toujours en apprentissage, ensemble nous sommes motivés pour faire la différence!

Title: The Sea's Wisdom

Description: Consider the crab, only scuttling sideways. Does it know something we don't?

Name: Luke

Title: Self-motivation

Name: Keith

Title: Jeeb's foot

Description: No 'feet' is too much!

Name: James

Title: Operations Dashboard

Name: Izzie

Title: Milking It

At the end of the week, we shortlisted 12 brilliant entries that excellently summed up our values and culture and chose a winner at random. Julieann took home the prize!