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The top tech tools that have got us through lockdown

9th Apr 2021
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Over the last 12 months we’ve been sharing our top tech recommendations within the Rocketmakers team. With lockdown coming to an end we've realised these gadgets and apps will be useful long after lockdown. So, even though we’re not experts in this department we thought it was high time that we shared the best bits that we have discovered and loved during lockdown from office gadgets, collaboration tools and environmentally friendly apps.

Working from home gadgets

Here are some of our working from home essentials that have saved our backs and sanity over the last year. A sit/stand desk is a great way to maintain your posture. If you have the desk space, spread out your working area with a second screen and a wireless mouse and keyboard. Finally, noise-cancelling wireless headphones are so helpful for blocking out family members or noisy neighbours.

People collaboration tools

We're thinking more and more about hybrid working and how we prepare for having some people in the office whilst others are at home. We've been impressed with tools like (as a fantastic tool to create that 'just popping over to someone's desk' experience). This is by far our top tip.

Start small with your changes to reduce your carbon footprint

Instead of using Google, you could try search engine Ecosia that plants a tree every time you search. If you’re an avid Amazon user, you can activate Amazon Smile where 0.5% of your purchase is donated to charity. Whilst shops are closed, you can support local bookshops by ordering online with You can use Giki to find sustainable and healthy products in the UK supermarket.

Manage your news consumption

We love what OneSub are doing - a local Bath-based startup that helps you to manage your news bias - they read 1,000's of articles a day and serve you with a balanced view. Monitor and proactively manage your use of social media - use an app like Forest to motivate you to have less screen time at the same time as planting trees. Distract yourself with something fun: as well as hugely expanding the team at Rocketmakers, we have also welcomed lots of new pets - and those without furry friends have been living the Good Life through ‘Animal Crossing.’

Be proactive about your wellbeing

One of our favourite apps is Seek from iNaturalist. We are also big advocates of Perkbox which we introduced during Lockdown 1 which the team uses for discounted shopping, access to events and mental health coaching. There’s a huge amount of research about the power of gratitude journaling, perhaps consider downloading the Five Minute Journal. And last but not least, eat right - we met Field Doctor, a great, new and highly innovative health/food/tech business that makes delicious, nutritionally supercharged and sustainably sourced frozen meals delivered to your door.

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Image source: Standsome Worklifestyle on Unsplash