Amp came to us to improve the user experience of their flagship email marketing application.

Amp — who are they?

During the rollout of Amp's new flagship email campaign management tool, while receiving great feedback on its capabilities and performance, it was clear that the user experience had a number of problems. Amp got in touch with us to review the user feedback, and we suggested a number of ways to resolve the issues. We provided both a clean updated UI framework, and a set of guidelines for the engineers to use throughout the rest of the system.



web development

Working with only six weeks between our beta and the start of the production rollout of our new system, Rocketmakers transformed the usability of our application. They even helped us clarify our branding and tied back to it throughout the initial user experience. The result was universal accolades from our customers on the UI.

Kendall Miller

Product Owner

Amp came to us with a functioning application and back-end infrastructure they were happy with but they felt like the branding and front end interface wasn't doing the product justice. We designed a new brand identity and front end interface which Amp felt was a much better representation of their product.

John Grigg

Graphic Designer (Rocketmakers)