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Careful app


For Careful we created an app to help doctors, nurses and allied health professionals share and protect critical patient information.

Dr DJ Hamblin-Brown approached us with a prototype he had built for an app to support doctors, nurses and health professionals.

Based on his personal experience working in hospitals with only paper based patient handover sheets, he wanted to modernise the system to improve both safety and efficiency.

Dr DJ Hamblin-Brown

The Careful approach is innovative because it will use a software platform that is specifically designed to cross organisational boundaries. Most patient care IT systems are focused on the needs of an individual organisation. We willl demonstrate that using cloud-based and mobile technology we can effect the rapid and safe transfer of care between acute providers and the community. With increased efficiency, this will free up much needed bed space.

Dr DJ Hamblin-BrownFounder & CEO
Careful web

We designed a new logo, brand identity and marketing website alongside a fully responsive web app for health professionals to use while on the go on phones, tablets or laptops.

Behind this interface we built a secure structure of user privileges, enabling patient information to be stored and shared safely.

John Grigg

We designed a new logo for careful, up-cycling elements from the old one and reinventing the branding in a way that suited the app's modern new UI and marketing website that we also redesigned. The cycling arrows of the new logo represented the patient handover's; the main USP feature of the app.

John GriggGraphic Designer
Careful app

Where are they now?

Careful is currently being user tested in hospitals

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