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We developed people analytics software for Cognisess, to understand human potential and improve performance.

Cognisess – who are they?

When Chris shared his innovative cognitive approach to recruiting and training people by using the power of analytics, we were keen to turn his vision into a reality. Along with designing robust beta versions of the Cognisess software, we got involved with the company, travelling to Silicon Valley together on a mission to better understand the latest tech available to us.



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Chris Butt

"We were impressed with Rocketmakers' credentials and the variety of work they had done – they understood the brief well and were able to demo some ideas quickly. The quality of the Rocketmakers team has meant those difficult first versions have been successfully negotiated and I look forward to what we will achieve with future versions."

Chris ButtCEO

Adam Walker

"Working with Chris on Cognisess was a great experience. I believe it's a genuinely ground breaking product built with an awesome team and I'm excited to have been a part of it."

Adam WalkerDeveloper (Rocketmakers)

Watch the video above for more information, including client interviews.