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Laptop showing Unicornfest website designed by Rocketmakers

Leukaemia Care

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Screengrab of Unicornfest app designed by Rocketmakers

The Situation

Leukaemia Care will host an art trail across Bristol during Summer 2023

The UK’s leading leukaemia charity, Leukaemia Care, is launching a Unicorn-themed art trail in Bristol next summer. As official creative partners, Rocketmakers wanted to launch the project with a brand design that would generate real excitement. 

Laptop showing Unicornfest website designed by Rocketmakers

The Task

Creating a brand that captures the “best summer ever”

Leukaemia Care asked the Rocketmakers design team to fully express their creativity with the brand design. As a starting point, they asked that the brand include unicorns (which appear on Bristol’s coat of arms).

Visualisation of branding guidelines for Unicornfest by Rocketmakers

Our Discovery

Workshopping to discover the right brand values

The team held a workshop with Leukaemia Care to delve deeply into the values and feelings the brand should reflect. There are thousands of different ways to draw unicorns, and it was important that the brand set the right tone from the start.

An important early step was collecting a series of images that captured the essence of the new brand’s identity. During this process, an inspiration emerged: Unicornfest should try to capture the look and feel of Bristol’s famous St Pauls Carnival!

Before long, everyone agreed the brand should capture the fun of summer, have a Bristol-roots design theme, and a Jamaican-inspired colour scheme.

a packet of stickers with the leukaemia care logo

Our Approach

Iterating design until it’s right

After the workshop, the design team began sketching dozens of different unicorns, logo formats, and iconic images of Bristol. After each design draft, Leukaemia Care provided feedback that helped improve the next version.

In addition to the Unicorns, Bristol’s famous Suspension Bridge was chosen as an easy way to visually represent the city, and was placed centrally in the new logo designs.

unicornfest logo

The Result

A logo for the best summer ever

The final logo is full of colour, friendly unicorns, 70s style fonts, and Bristol’s famous bridge in the centre. Leukaemia Care were delighted!

Logo design is just the start of a brand’s identity, however. The next step was to extrapolate a brand identity guide which would inform the rest of Unicornfest’s marketing. 

From there, the Rocketmakers User Interface design team created a website that was easy for users to navigate, and made the new brand come to life!

Screengrab of Unicornfest app designed by Rocketmakers

The Impact

Laying a foundation for the next stage

The new brand identity and website are just the start of Rocketmakers’ partnership with Leukaemia Care. Still to come is an app, which will guide eager unicorn hunters around Bristol during the entire summer of 2023.

While the app may be what participants interact with the most, its design will be built on the foundation of a strong brand that captures just the right feelings and values of the event. 

Photograph of Jodie, Project Manager at Unicornfest

[This project] hit the nail on the head with what we requested. Having Rocketmakers as our official creative sponsor has really been a dream. We’ve been really lucky to just allow the creative process to happen and have full faith that they will deliver.

Jodie HancockProject Manager
design story image

How the brand and designs evolved

Find out more about the creative process we followed to build the Unicornfest visual identity, the design options we considered, our inspiration and the assets we signed off with the client.

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