We designed and built an app for Lux, enabling users to gain points and rewards for supporting local restaurants.

Lux Rewards — who are they?

Lux is the perfect example of a product that we supported from the initial idea through to MVP release. And we're still working closely with the founder now to improve and grow the business. Lux was branded by our design team as well as being built using our bespoke frameworks, making for an efficient journey to launch. Recently rolled out to London, the business continues to grow and receive successful rounds of funding, while increasing the number of restaurants and restaurant-goers signed up.



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Rocketmakers have supported us all the way from conception to growth. They do not simply provide the technical expertise but also provide superb business advice. We have loved working with the Rocketmakers team. Talented, dedicated and supportive. They don't feel like an outside agency, instead joining us on our journey as a crucial part of our business.

James Courtney

Founder & CEO

Rocketmakers have gone above and beyond to build our product to the highest standard. They really take the time to understand the aims and ideas of the entrepreneur who has no technical knowledge, and support the business as it grows. We consider them as part of the team and couldn’t recommend them enough!

Jess Saumarez

Managing Director

As a complete product, Lux consisted of several smaller parts, and therefore required a multifaceted deployment approach. A cross platform mobile application, marketing website, and web based administration portal all needed to be rolled out across multiple environments quickly and efficiently.

Joe Lewsey

Developer (Rocketmakers)

Watch the video above for more on Lux Rewards