We created a bespoke travel application incorporating local expert communities for Travel Local.

Travel Local — who are they?

A coaching session we held at a pitching event introduced us to Tom Stapleton and Huw Owen. Together they planned to create a holiday planning company that drew on the expertise of locals. We were so impressed by Travel Local's Fairtrade inspired plans, that we agreed to partner with and invest in the startup. Within 18 months we had created the minimum viable product, enabling customers to create their own bespoke holidays. We then helped them to recruit and train an in house tech team.



business consultancy



web development

The most impressive thing about Richard and the team is their commitment to quality. They will always do the best thing for us and our business, rather than the easiest or the quickest thing.

Tom Stapleton

Joint MD & Co-Founder

The technology and infrastructure provided by Rocketmakers was very good. It’s not often that you come into a code base and find that it’s been well engineered and well written.

Jonathan Evans

Lead developer

What really impressed us about Rocketmakers right from that first contact was the generosity that they showed when we were just a small startup with a pitch deck and a business plan.

Huw Owen

Joint MD & Co-Founder

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