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A sustainable, impact-focused organisation

Rocketmakers work to write better code for you and the planet.

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At Rocketmakers, we design, develop and deploy environmentally-conscious software.

We pay attention to every aspect of the process, from the way code is written to the impact our sites have in the wider world. From our Green seat, a working group discusses and implements changes internally to get us closer to the net-zero standard.

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Inclusivity and sustainability sit at the heart of how we operate as a business and we proudly partner with clients who share those values.

Saving the planet starts at home

As a company we continue working to make our office in the heart of Bath sustainable. We have a cycle to work scheme to help employees purchase electric bikes and reduce the impact of the commute to work.

Our energy is 100% renewable and, in 2021, we banded with the rest of our office building to introduce food waste composting, making sure all our coffee grounds and banana peels are being disposed of in the right way. Plus, we’re conscious of the little things, like switching off meeting room lights when we’re done with the space.

Designing a more sustainable internet

When designing a new project, we want the user to have a simple and stress-free experience. The longer it takes someone to navigate a site or an app, the more frustrating it can be - and the bigger the environmental impact.

We focus on sustainable solutions, from the user flow across the product to details like the colour contrast of a page, which can create improvements both for modern OLED screen intensiveness and for visual accessibility.

Making websites with a green focus

Our smart servers don’t need to be on all the time. Ours switch to low-powered versions over the weekend, ready to work if needed but not using energy by default. And when we retrieve data, we only get what we need, saving power and reducing running costs too.

When we build websites, we make sure we’re using the most sustainable cloud service, and we don’t weigh our websites down with intensive animations and downloadable files that use up more energy on the page. This website, for example, only produces 0.87g of CO2 per visit - better than over half the other websites we tested.

Blog posts about sustainability

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