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Top Health Tech Companies To Watch In 2024

By Simone Bradley
20th Nov 2023
12 min read
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Top Health Tech Companies To Watch In 2024

As we enter 2024, a new wave of healthcare technology companies, especially in the UK and across Europe, is emerging to radically improve the medical industry. 

These companies all harness the power of AI, machine learning, and cutting-edge research to develop solutions that promise to enhance the quality of care and make the healthcare industry more efficient. 

With advances that range from telemedicine to AI-powered diagnostics, these companies stand out for contributing to a more intelligent, more connected healthcare ecosystem. 

In this article, we take an in-depth look at the top health tech companies that are redefining healthcare delivery and management. 

We'll showcase how these industry leaders are setting new benchmarks for care, driving growth, and fostering innovation.

cera logo

Founders: Dr Ben Maruthappu and Marek Sacha

Latest funding: $320 million in debt and equity funding 

Date Founded: 2015

Total employees: 5,001 to 10,000 employees


Cera, formerly known as Cera Care, is a healthcare-at-home company founded in 2015 and officially launched in November 2016.

The company leverages technology to provide care, nursing, telehealth, and repeat prescription services directly to people's homes. 

Cera's mission is to empower patients, particularly elderly and vulnerable communities, to live longer and healthier lives in the comfort of their own homes. This type of patient care reduces the need for hospital visits and eases the load on the healthcare system in the UK.

As one of Europe's fastest-growing businesses, Cera has quickly become a significant player in the UK's healthcare-at-home sector, with a team of almost 10,000 medical professionals conducting over 50,000 daily in-person visits across UK homes.

flo logo

Founders: Dmitry and Yuri Gurski 

Funding: $50 million in Series B funding in September 2021, bringing the total capital raised by the company to $65 million and the company's valuation to $800 million. 

Date Founded: 2015​​

Total Employees: 400 


Flo is an AI-powered women’s health app designed to support women throughout their reproductive cycle. This online platform offers a comprehensive range of functionalities, including menstruation tracking, cycle prediction, and vital information on conception preparation, pregnancy, early motherhood, and menopause.

The app allows users to log over 70 symptoms and data points, which artificial intelligence then processes to identify patterns and assist users in monitoring and managing their reproductive health. 

Flo is backed by a team of more than 100 healthcare professionals, which ensures that users receive valuable insights to better understand their bodies.

With its user-friendly interface and extensive utility, Flo has gained global recognition. The app has been downloaded over 200 million times and has over 48 million monthly active users across iOS and Android platforms.

careful logo

Founders: Dr DJ Hamblin-Brown and Roohi Hamlani

Date Founded: 2021


Careful is a digital health platform that helps healthcare professionals like doctors, nurses, and allied health workers collaborate more effectively.

It links these professionals together to communicate and share electronic medical records more efficiently to keep patients safe and ensure a smooth healthcare journey.

The app gives a complete picture of each patient's electronic health records, current health status, and future care plans. It makes it easier for healthcare teams to make quick decisions and smoothly hand off patients from one care provider to another.

Beyond being a tool for healthcare providers, Careful also facilitates communication between patients, their families, and caregivers, putting the patient at the centre of their care.

With features that encourage collaboration and improve patient care, Careful is a useful resource for healthcare professionals who aim to work more efficiently and to improve patient outcomes.

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unmind logo

Founder: Dr Nick Taylor and Steve Peralta

Latest funding: $47 million - Series B

Date Founded: 2016

Total employees: 51 to 200


Unmind is a mental health company that helps improve mental well-being in the workplace. Available as a web and mobile application, it is provided to employees by employers and offers proactive mental wellness support. 

The platform incorporates cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), third-wave approaches, mindfulness, and positive psychology to guide individuals towards better mental health in a work environment.

The company’s mission is to provide instant access to mental health support in workplaces to enable employees to thrive. 

By encouraging self-guided learning, quick mental health boosts, and human-to-human support, this healthcare application helps individuals manage stress and anxiety effectively. 

The product is crafted by psychologists and experts, ensuring a scientifically backed approach to promoting mental well-being, which has a range of health benefits. 

Unmind has helped over 2.5 million people, highlighting the platform's potential in building a supportive mental health infrastructure across various workplace settings by ensuring employees receive the right support at the right time. 

dr doctor logo

Founder: Tom Whicher 

Latest funding: $12 million - Series B

Date Founded: 2012

Total employees: 11 to 50

Dr Doctor

DrDoctor aims to make healthcare systems more efficient. 

This medical practice management software is designed to give patients more control over their healthcare journey while also helping to optimise resources so that the NHS can accommodate more patients. 

Its patient management platform facilitates easy communication between patients and healthcare providers. With DrDoctor, patients can select and reschedule appointment times and provide feedback on clinical services. 

A unique feature of DrDoctor is its algorithm that automatically refills cancellations and presents them to the patient, which ensures that clinic schedules remain efficient. 

The software also sends reminder messages to help improve appointment attendance rates and reduce the financial strain on the NHS caused by missed appointments, which is estimated to run into £900 million annually.

Overall, digital health solutions like DrDoctor result in smoother clinic operations, significant cost savings for hospitals, and a better patient healthcare experience, which benefits everyone involved in the healthcare delivery process. 

Through its intuitive, patient-centric approach, DrDoctor is transforming the management and delivery of healthcare by fostering a more collaborative and efficient healthcare ecosystem.


Founder: Dr Matt Wilson

Latest Funding: In July 2023, uMed secured £9.8 million in its latest venture capital funding round. 

Date Founded: 2017​

Total Employees: 49 


uMed uses technology to connect healthcare workers, patients, and researchers, which makes it easier to conduct clinical research and improve healthcare delivery.

This clinical trial platform simplifies conducting clinical and real-world research by efficiently finding suitable patients for studies and gathering the necessary data. In addition to advancing treatment research, uMed develops technology to enhance access to high-quality healthcare research and delivery.

For health systems, uMed provides a systematic approach to recruiting for internal and third-party sponsored studies, as well as support for Population Health and Remote Patient Monitoring initiatives.

From the patients' perspective, uMed connects them to relevant research studies and offers opportunities to participate in medical research that corresponds with their health conditions. Currently, over 6,000 patients have already participated in various studies through uMed. 

khieron logo

Founder: Peter Kecskemethy and Tobias Rijken 

Latest Funding: $22 million - Series A 

Date Founded: 2016​

Total Employees: 11 to 50


Kheiron Medical Technologies is at the forefront of revolutionising the fight against breast cancer by leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning. The company is dedicated to enhancing the precision and efficiency of cancer screenings.

Given that approximately 2 million women are diagnosed with breast cancer annually worldwide, and one in seven women in the UK will likely face the disease in their lifetime, Kheiron has developed AI tools specifically designed to address gaps in the speed and accuracy of a breast cancer diagnosis.

One of Kheiron Medical's well-known medical screening solutions is MIA, a state-of-the-art AI platform that helps healthcare professionals identify early-stage cancer mutations. 

This technology plays a vital role in detecting cancerous cells before they metastasise, which potentially saves lives by facilitating early intervention. 

The ripple effect of this innovation is profound, as it not only improves patient outcomes, but also significantly reduces the healthcare costs associated with cancer treatments.

florence logo

Founder: Dr Charles Armitage and Dan Blake

Latest funding: $35 million - Series B 

Date Founded: 2017

Total employees: 51 to 100


Florence is an online marketplace that helps local nurses and caregivers find temporary shift work. It allows care homes to list available shifts, and local nurses can then connect with them to fill those shifts.

This approach not only reduces the risks and costs for providers, but also addresses the ongoing care worker shortage in a unique way.​

Since its founding in 2017, Florence has over 90,000 healthcare workers and 2,000 organisations on its books. 

The platform offers more than just a marketplace for shifts. It provides a simple rostering app to help care homes manage their shift scheduling and workforce efficiently.

Florence also offers free care training and the opportunity for care workers to build Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours through online courses and webinars. 

cmr logo

Founders: Martin Frost, Luke Hares, Keith Marshall, Paul Roberts, and Mark Slack

Latest funding: $160 million - Series D in September 2023

Date Founded: 2014

Total employees: 501 to 1,000

CMR Surgical

CMR Surgical is a medical device company based in Cambridge, UK, that’s focused on creating robotic systems to facilitate minimal access surgery (MAS). Their primary product is the Versius surgical robotic system, which was designed to meet the complex requirements of MAS. 

The vision of CMR Surgical is to make minimal-access surgery universally accessible and it aims to significantly increase the number of robotic-assisted procedures performed globally. 

The Versius system is described as a small, modular, and versatile surgical robotic system that helps doctors in various surgical procedures​ such as gallbladder removals and surgeries to clear up sinuses. 

The Versius system has been utilised in over 10,000 soft tissue surgical procedures in hospitals globally. The system achieved CE approval in 2019, and following that announcement, over 100 Versius systems have been installed worldwide. 

Innovative medical devices like the Versius system have the power to reduce the trauma of surgery on patients, which leads to better outcomes. The use of surgical robots also results in cost efficiency and increased surgical capacity across different health facilities where this device is being used.

accurx logo

Founders: Jacob Haddad and Laurence Bargery

Total funding: £36.7 million

Date Founded: 2016

Total Employees: 101 to 250


AccuRx is a software company that operates in the healthcare sector and provides a platform to facilitate communication among individuals involved in patient care.

Its main product is Chain SMS, which doctors utilise to communicate with patients. The platform offered by AccuRx enables easy video calling, texting patients, or viewing patient records from mobile or desktop devices without requiring any software installation. 

AccuRx Web was provided to the NHS during the COVID-19 pandemic when healthcare systems faced huge backlogs. 

AccuRx’s tool helped doctors communicate more efficiently, share patient data, and discharge patients faster. This initiative was part of AccuRx's broader effort to support healthcare systems in managing the increased demand and ensuring continued quality of care amid challenging circumstances.

This healthcare technology company has also piloted a digital triage system to identify potential issues early on to minimise surgery cancellations at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust.

oviva logo

Founders: Kai Eberhardt, Manuel Baumann, and Mark Jenkins​

Funding: Oviva raised $80 million in a Series C funding round in 2021, bringing the total funding to $114 million to date​​.

Date Founded: 2013​

Total Employees: 800 


Oviva is a Swiss-based company that provides care to individuals living with obesity and other weight-related conditions. They offer personalised care, digital tools, and health plans to help with weight management, type 2 diabetes, and adult and paediatric nutrition. 

Their services include app-delivered healthy eating programs and personalised diet and lifestyle advice. In the UK, they are a certified NHS provider and offer a free NHS Digital Weight Management Programme that provides 1-to-1 coaching from a dedicated dietitian, available via the app. 

The Oviva app offers various features to support individuals in managing their health and nutrition. Here are some features:

🔸Meal analysis: In-depth analysis of dietary habits.

🔸Learning resources: Access to advice on nutrition, exercise, and motivation.

🔸Health coaching: Get guidance from an Oviva coach.

🔸Food and activity tracking: Monitor food intake and physical activity.

🔸Group messaging: Communicate with the Oviva group for community support.

🔸Personalized nutrition support: Receive support from registered health professionals.

🔸Communication with a dietitian: Use the platform to communicate with a dietitian or health professional.


Founders: Stephanie Eltz and Suman Saha​

Latest Funding: $10 million - Series A

Date Founded: 2014

Total Employees: 65 employees​


Doctify operates a healthcare review platform that connects patients with healthcare professionals. Their core offering is their healthcare review system, which connects patients with doctors and allows users to search for, review, and book appointments with doctors based on their specialty, location, or health insurance providers. 

The platform offers a patient feedback tool designed for healthcare professionals, practices, clinics, and hospitals. 

The feedback tool encompasses patient review management, compliance and quality management, and online presence management, which are all crucial elements for healthcare providers to improve their service delivery and patient satisfaction. 

achilles logo

Founders: Iraj Ali, Charlie Swanton, and Karl Peggs

Latest Funding: $68 million - Series C

Date Founded: 2016

Total Employees: 201 to 500  


Achilles Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of individualised cancer treatments. 

This healthcare technology company develops these personalised cancer treatments by creating precision T-cell therapies that target unique markers called clonal neoantigens found on cancer cells. 

By using artificial intelligence, they identify these markers – which are specific to each individual's cancer – and design therapies to trigger the immune system to attack and eliminate the cancer cells. 

This approach is part of a broader field called immunotherapy, which seeks to harness the body's own immune system to fight cancer. By focusing on clonal neoantigens, Achilles Therapeutics aims to provide more precise and effective treatments for cancer patients.

healthily logo

Founders: Matteo Berlucchi  

Latest Funding: $20 million - Series A

Date Founded: 2013

Total Employees: 65


Healthily is a self-care platform powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that is designed to provide personalised healthcare solutions to individuals. 

Healthily's application offers medically reviewed information through a symptom checker, which enables users to take charge of their healthcare. It assists users in managing hundreds of conditions, checking symptoms, tracking progress, and more.

Their main goal is to empower individuals to make informed decisions about when to see a doctor and how to manage their health daily, which makes healthcare more accessible and manageable. 

Final Thoughts

It's clear that the healthcare technology space is buzzing with innovation. From AI in healthcare to the latest in wearable tech, these breakthroughs are doing more than just improving what we have; they're paving entirely new roads in how we look after our health.

This field offers abundant growth opportunities for existing enterprises, scaleups, and startups. If you want to innovate in this field, Rocketmakers is here to help. 

We’re experts in healthcare tech. Let's work together to make a real difference in health and wellness. We’d love to hear from you