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What Does the Internet Know About You?

By Briony Phillips
11th Dec 2023
3 min read

Have you ever wondered why adverts are quite so targeted? Or whether your phone might be listening to you because it’s serving you content that is just one step too personalised? 

Richard was wondering the same, so he asked an interactive holographic version of himself a few questions (as seen in the video below). AI drives the hologram and draws on an advanced language model (or dataset) that includes facts about Richard from his interactions on the internet. 

Cloning Richard was no mean feat (more on the technicalities later) and it has led us to create a brilliantly flexible technology solution called PORTRAIT. The technology enables us to build an interactive holographic version of just about anyone and, at the click of a button, that holographic person (or organism!) can respond to questions and conversation articulated out loud by a visitor. 

In the last few months, we’ve taken Obama to a dinner party and Daniel Craig to a James Bond-themed celebration. Who would you create? What would you ask them?

In this case, Richard is having a conversation with himself and testing the accuracy of the large language model (or dataset) behind the hologram. The advanced language model and voice synthesis allow the hologram to directly respond to questions and conversation from the visitor. 

What are the key elements of the technology?

Hologram: AI-powered software converts a photograph or an existing 3D model of a person into a 3D model fully rigged for facial animation.

Brain: A selection of popular large language models (LLMs), combined with carefully thought-out prompts recreate Richard’s personality and knowledge base.

Voice: Voice synthesis and a cloning AI platform were used, trained on c. 5 mins of video content from Richard.

Synchronisation: A few game engine plugins were connected to achieve lip and facial movement with speech audio in real time. 

What does this mean for Rocketmakers and other companies?

Whilst the original concept for PORTRAIT came from the need for a very part-time reception cover and a warm welcome to the office, the applications are far wider. Most recently, we’ve been experimenting with how AI in this format might provide multiple perspectives on an issue (like an AI-powered Advisory Board) or even help to build a straw man plan to accelerate our decision-making.

You can decide whether the AI used creative licence to determine Richard’s alternative career path as an astronaut!

If you’d like to learn more about this interactive holographic technology and how it could play a role in your business, get in touch!