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Rocketmakers Goes Global!

By Ned Vaught
9th May 2024
2 min read
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Rocketmakers was named a winner three times over in the 2024 Global Business Tech Awards:

  • Digital Agency of the Year
  • Best AI Innovation - YourRoom
  • Best AI Solution - YourRoom

A theme which ran right through all three wins is Rocketmakers’ strong position as a leader in AI and machine learning. 

Their creative approach to utilising AI demonstrates forward-thinking and commitment to pushing boundaries. They’ve not only adapted to change, but thrived in it, setting a shining example for the industry. It was great to see their commitment to transparency, clear business focus and reflection of challenges faced.

The JudgesGlobal Business Tech Awards

The two category wins for YourRoom, an AI-powered application developed by Rocketmakers to market commercially, was especially gratifying. 

YourRoom provides users with groups of expertly-crafted AI-powered personas reflecting different knowledge-sets, perspectives and personalities, which quickly and inexpensively simulate expert panels on a variety of topics.

Users engage with the AI personas using a text interface that simulates the experience of a group chat on WhatsApp or Slack. Just like real-life group discussions, the user can direct the discussion to focus on a specific point, or ask a specific persona to talk more or talk less. Agents regularly pose questions to the user to improve their understanding, and engage in discussion with each other.

Panels can be constructed to provide expert advice about virtually any topic, from software development to buying a new home to surviving a possible zombie apocalypse!

Development for YourRoom only began in January, and the first version of the application was only completed a few days before the final deadline for the awards. The entry was only completed thanks to some late night calls between collaborators, but the hard work certainly paid off!

This was Rocketmakers’ first attempt at entering an international award, and just being shortlisted in multiple categories had been a huge thrill. Actually winning three trophies, including Digital Agency of the Year, beat everyone’s expectations.

illustration of Richard Godfrey

I knew the entries we had submitted were strong, but previously we’ve only entered regional and national competitions. If I’m honest, I thought we’d need a few goes to win something with ‘global’ in the title.

I’m so glad to see I was wrong! 

We’ve always positioned ourselves as one of the most innovative digital agencies in the country. Now, with ‘Rocketmakers’ on the winners’s list alongside some of the biggest names in global tech, like Microsoft and BT, I think we might have to raise our sights even higher!

Richard GodfreyCEO and Co Founder