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Rocketmakers goes International - Finalist in FIVE Categories at the 2024 Global Business Tech Awards!

By Ned Vaught
22nd Mar 2024
2 min read
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Rocketmakers has been shortlisted in FIVE categories for the 2024 Global Business Tech Awards!

Leading the way is YourRoom, a new commercial product recently developed by Rocketmakers, with nominations in three categories: Best AI Innovation, Best AI Solution, and Best Use of Innovation

YourRoom provides users with groups of expertly-crafted AI-powered personas reflecting different knowledge-sets, perspectives and personalities, which quickly and inexpensively simulate expert panels or focus-groups.

Developed just before nominations for the 2024 Global Business Tech Awards closed, YourRoom subscriptions are scheduled to be available to the public in the next six weeks.

Rocketmakers was also shortlisted in two company categories: Digital Agency of the Year, and Tech Company of the Year

The 2024 Global Business Tech Awards marks Rocketmakers’ first foray into international judging competitions. Being shortlisted in five categories is a fantastic way to begin, and we will be on the edge of our seats until the winners are announced.

So far, 2024 has been a bumper year for awards for Rocketmakers. We took home four trophies in February from the 2024 UK Dev Awards ceremony, including Best Use of Innovation and Digital Agency of the Year. Our Chief Innovation Officer Adam Walker won the top individual honours of the competition by being named Dev of the Year.

The following week, we were named winners in the Technology category at the Bath Life Awards.

Getting a series of global nominations potentially tops all of this, however. Our CEO Richard Godfrey was thrilled when he heard the news.

cartoon of Richard Godfrey

It’s fantastic to be named a finalist in our first attempt at an international award. I’m especially pleased that YourRoom has been shortlisted in three categories.

YourRoom is part of one of the most important development trends in AI innovation: panels of AI agents, each representing different perspectives and knowledge sets, which come together to discuss and solve complex problems. 

Most products in this space are extremely experimental, and require advanced software expertise to set up and operate. YourRoom, in total contrast, provides this technology to anyone - no specialist knowledge is required.

Richard GodfreyCo-founder and CEO

Winners of the 2024 Global Business Tech Awards will be announced in an online ceremony on 9th May.