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Rocketmakers shortlisted in four categories for the 2024 Digital Technology Leaders Awards

By Ned Vaught
17th May 2024
1 min read
Image of Digital Technology Leader Awards 2024 branding with the Rocketmakers logo

Exciting awards news continues to flow into Rocketmakers HQ! This week we learned we had been shortlisted in four categories for the 2024 Digital Technology Leaders Awards:

  • Best Automation Project
  • Machine Learning / AI Project of the Year
  • Digital Service Company of the Year
  • Development Team of the Year

This was Rocketmakers first attempt at these awards, which are organized annually by Computing Magazine. We are up against some of the biggest names in global business, so this is going to be an exciting event to follow!

Our entry for Best Automation Project covered our work creating an application called Autonews, an AI-powered automated video news production application, which we designed for our client Telex-Intel. Autonews takes real news stories from newswire feeds, processes them through a large language model to produce a broadcast-news style script, and then, minutes later, generates a professional-looking news video featuring a virtual 3D news presenter. Originally inspired by our in-house product Portrait, Autonews is on the very cutting edge of AI and 3D animation, and may be appearing on a screen near you before long! 

Our Machine Learning / AI Project of the Year entry was for YourRoom. An in-house product, YourRoom provides panels of AI-powered experts, each reflecting different knowledge sets, who advise users on anything from house buying to app design to simulating job interviews. Rather than a 1-on-1 conversation with an omniscient AI, YourRoom better simulates a group discussion with a variety of perspectives. YourRoom has already won two awards at the 2024 Global Business Tech Awards, but the competition in this category looks especially tough. We will be up against a combined entry from Vodafone and Accenture, plus entries from Mastercard and Kraft Heinz.

Our entries for Digital Service Company of the Year and Development Team of the Year both described how Rocketmakers has done some of its most exciting and innovative work ever in the past twelve months. This is despite what is an overall very challenging environment for the tech industry as a whole. We are confident we have a positive story to tell for both entries (one that has won us multiple other awards so far this year). Still, both awards are hotly contested, and we are up against two government agencies: the Department of Work & Pensions, and Government Digital Services (the agency that oversees GOV.UK). 

The winners will be announced on Thursday, 3rd July, at the London Marriott Hotel Grosvenor Square. 

Fingers crossed!

image showing award nominations